Listen First

Open communication, trust, and a dedicated team ensure our projects reflect the values of the client and the needs of the users.

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Our Story

Community Focused

RAMLOW/STEIN Architecture + Interiors is a mission-based firm, aligning our services, expertise and culture to benefit and enhance our community. Fulfilling your aspirations and vision drives us to design buildings that are both creative and pragmatic, providing a community-focused benefit that improves and enriches lives.

Dedicated Team

Founded in 1985, our mission and commitment to the community remains the same today as we develop a new generation of creative professionals and service leaders. We approach all projects the same way, listening first and dedicating one team to manage from beginning to end. We provide a holistic vision and a high level of service to each unique design, while cultivating a collaborative partnership with every client. 

Uihlein Architects

1985 - 1998

Uihlein/Wilson Architects



2017 - 2020

RAMLOW/STEIN Architecture + Interiors

2020 - Present



Listening, clear communication, responsiveness and thoughtful stewardship of your time and resources produce a trusted partnership and cohesive outcomes.


Creating a collaborative team with an agile approach, while using the principles of resilient design, allows our team to easily transition to new innovations, technologies, and processes.


Inspiring, supportive, and equitable design that empowers and engages stakeholders on projects that strengthen our community by creating economic and social prosperity. 


Programming + Feasibility

Helping stakeholders understand the viability of their development goals and producing a framework through which their mission can be achieved.

Master Planning

Generating opportunities by making connections between buildings and their surrounding environments based on stakeholder input and social and economic conditions.

Architectural Design

Serving the mission of the client, supporting the needs of the users, providing an uplifting, healthy, flexible and safe environment, that exists gracefully in its context and community.

Interior Design

Discovering the purpose and ideal layout of a space allows the creation of a comprehensive interior environment that addresses, protects and seamlessly responds to the building program and human needs.

Construction Administration

Coordinating and inspecting throughout the construction process, keeps the design team involved to help solve problems and ensure a high-quality build that aligns with design intent.

Cost Modeling + Budgeting

Developing real-time cost estimates allows planning for funding; managing cost expectations for our clients to ensure projects stay within budget.

Community Outreach + Fundraising Support

Aligning goals, finding opportunities, and allowing users to be part of a community-based, inclusive design process.

Sustainable Design

Improving the health and comfort of building occupants, and incorporating innovative design solutions to optimize building performance.

Regulatory Support

Supporting health, safety, and welfare by managing regulatory approvals and standards to ensure buildings are safe and code-compliant for all occupants.

Universal Accessibility

Creating buildings and spaces that are thoughtfully accessible, equitable, and intuitive for all users.



Client first. Client first. Every facet of our process at Ramlow/Stein derives from that fundamental principle.


Workshop collaboration
We’re architects who like to roll up our sleeves and get to work, alongside our clients. A unique workshop format—intensive and collaborative gatherings of all stakeholders—is key to our process. At these sessions we receive immediate feedback and make updates to program, design, and budget in real time.

Tools of technology
Ramlow/Stein invests in technology as a tool to improve efficiency and the client experience. Our design and project management programs foster collaboration among team members. And our 3-D modeling and virtual reality technology enables clients to walk through their projects at the conceptual stage.

Budget expertise
We estimate with the same attention to detail and client priorities as we design. Ramlow/Stein is known for presenting real-world cost estimates and staying within budgets.

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Kern Center - MSOE
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Mission Matters

Mission Matters.

We believe architecture exists to serve. We are committed to projects that enhance our community, foster a sense of belonging and facilitate social and sustainable growth.


Listen First
We are thoughtful and attentive listeners. We approach every project by addressing the unique needs and values of our clients to create innovative and meaningful solutions.

Intentional Collaboration
We maintain that collaboration is key to the design process. We rely on feedback from project stakeholder workshops to make thoughtful updates to the program, design and budget.

Approachable Technology
We invest in technology to improve design efficiency and the client experience. We introduce 3-D modeling and virtual reality to assist in visualizing the space and making data-informed decisions.

Kern Center – MSOE / Milwaukee, Wisconsin / View project

Kern Center – MSOE
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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