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Architect / Project Manager:

We have an immediate opening for a licensed and experienced architect and project manager. The candidate will act as the leader and primary owner and contractor contact for multiple projects and will lead the AE team through the entire process from project concept to completion. Advanced construction technology knowledge, process leadership, knowing what is needed, and leading the team are required strengths. Project managers are also practitioners and model in Revit, write specifications, attend meetings, and participate in all aspects of the design and building process.

Priorities and Mix of Responsibilities:

  • Team-oriented general architectural and firm development is the primary focus of this position. Our architects serve as project managers for several active projects. The full team supports all projects, including project managers, who also support other projects when needed to add their particular expertise or to assist with deadlines.
  • We are a practice-based rather than a studio-based firm. All architects are encouraged to develop advanced expertise in one or two of our project types and general knowledge.
  • We have an integrated interior design team that is involved in all projects.


  • Functional proficiency in all deliverables, including design composition, presentation and technical drawings, building technology, specifications, codes and zoning reviews.
  • Advanced abilities are not required in all deliverables but are desired in those that best fit your talents.
  • Base-level knowledge in all disciplines for which we utilize consultants to execute projects.
  • Proficiency in Revit and our standard suite of Microsoft software is required.
  • Proficiency in design and rendering programs is desired but not required.


All staff members are required to provide support for all firm projects in addition to projects they may be managing when needed to meet workload or deadline requirements. This support generally aligns in two categories:

General Support:

  • When needed, provide help with any phase or deliverable for all projects, including drawings, details, specifications, or research.

Specific Support:

  • Each architect is asked to develop advanced skills in their particular talents. These skills will be the most common type of project support needed.


  • Elevate the firm's reputation and understand our philosophy of client service.
  • Demonstrate constructive, service-based leadership internally and with clients.
  • Primary client contact.

Process Management:

  • Manage all phases of the project. Preliminary, SD, DD, CD, CA, and closeout. We do not hand off projects between the different phases.
  • Know/determine what is needed next for incremental project development, as well as timelines and schedules.
  • Participate or generate fee and hour plans for all phases of projects.
  • Manage project fee budgets.
  • Manage design versus construction cost estimates to ensure budget conformance.
  • Manage internal and external staff for LEED and sustainable project initiatives.
  • Participate with Principals in workforce allocation to meet firm-wide project deadlines.
  • Manage meetings and workshops. Agenda, portable technology, timely minutes, and drawing updates are required for all.
  • Manage regulatory approvals.
  • Primary contact during construction.
  • Track projects with clients until final completion and acceptance.

Professional Development:

  • Participate in continuing education.
  • Invest in advanced concepts and thought leadership for specific, self-selected project types.

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RAMLOW/STEIN Architecture + Interiors seeks creative and talented candidates to join our expanding and dynamic Architecture and Interior Design practice.

We hire bright people, we share responsibility, and we respect each other as equals. We are a practiced-based firm, keeping the same team on a project from start to finish. This strategy allows all team members to practice all areas of the architectural and interior design process.

We are a local Wisconsin-based architecture firm, dedicated to working on projects that have direct accessibility so our team can be on-site, in front of the client, at every milestone. We take pride in our work and the role we can play in to building a better, stronger, and healthier community.

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