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At RAMLOW/STEIN, our design approach is holistic, placing your mission first. We believe architecture must offer flexibility for the future and exist gracefully in its context and community. Together, we support your vision by providing an uplifting, healthy, and safe environment. RAMLOW/STEIN believes one size does not fit all. We offer a personalized design approach and specialized care to every project.

Interior Design

Interior Design is a fully integrated discipline at RAMLOW/STEIN, balancing art and materiality, innovation and imagination to create distinctive and functional spaces through the overarching lens of the human experience. The impact is transformative; elevating spirit and morale, creating culture, stimulating productivity, fostering learning and building community. Hearing “This just feels like us”, is our greatest reward.

Our team

RAMLOW/STEIN is about our people; an amazing array of talent. We are a family of creative thinkers, doers and innovators who are all rooted in the community in which we serve. Our team is our backbone, bringing passion and engagement, looking for opportunities to grow and succeed, developing transformative relationships and creating impactful designs. We’d love to meet you and be part of your team.

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Our mission is to improve life in our city and state.

RAMLOW/STEIN creates buildings that will still inspire 100 years from now. We make visions concrete. We design high performing learning environments and laboratories. We breathe new life into old buildings. We plan with economy and ecology in mind. We partner to fulfill mission and show corporate responsibility. We shape space that enhances quality of life. We work to have an impact close to home.

We practice architecture for many reasons, but one purpose: to give meaning to all that we touch.
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Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
Madison, Wisconsin
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