Senior Architect | Specifications Manager

Steve Groth


“Our budgeting process has earned respect in the community, and we’re also known for creative solutions to difficult problems.”

If architecture exists on a continuum between pure art and pure science, Steve places himself more on the science end. He is one of the rare architects who thrives on developing specifications for a project, then working with contractors in the field doing construction administration. Steve’s fascination with architecture began as a boy when he would nose around construction sites in his neighborhood after hours. Finding his dad’s drafting book from high school also piqued his interest, and taking an architectural drafting course in high school himself confirmed his direction. Steve entered the profession when computer technology was beginning to be utilized, and he learned computers and specifications at the same time while working at other firms. Steve’s professional accomplishments include joining the Construction Specifications Institute and serving in both national and local positions, currently as chapter president.