Senior Architect

Steve Wellenstein

“Every building we do is a prototype, a one-of-a-kind; we only have one chance to get it right.”

Architecture was a natural fit for Steve since he grew up in a family of carpenters and was around buildings under construction all of his life. While he’s no longer building things in the sandbox (we think), construction management is a major part of Steve’s role at the firm. He is inspired by the model of the architect as master builder, working alongside client and contractor as a team. Steve strives for consensus on projects, not imposing solutions on clients but rather drawing them out by asking the right questions and looking for the best ideas. He favors projects with a civic dimension, whether that is saving an old building, designing a headquarters for a responsibility-minded corporation, or creating an uplifting place for community service. Architecture does not give second chances, Steve maintains, hence the importance of always thinking about the short term and the long term.