Tanner Sment




Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, UW Milwaukee


Joined the firm in 2018

“I believe that historic restoration honors the heritage of people who went before you and also preserves the richness of the city’s identity.”

Recently joining the firm, Tanner brings an interest in historic preservation and adaptive reuse which he cultivated during his junior and senior years at the UWM School of Architecture. Tanner appreciates the contribution historic buildings make to the fabric of the city and the importance of preserving that legacy for future generations. A career in architecture seemed to be Tanner’s destiny, having been influenced by a grandfather who was a man of all trades and took him to visit jobs. Tanner himself served as a carpenter’s apprentice for three years, which solidified his interest in architecture. Tanner was also inspired by Filippo Brunelleschi’s Duomo of the Florence cathedral, especially impressed with Brunelleschi’s techniques which presaged modern construction.