Promega Turing Center

The Alan Turing Center is an existing multi-tenant office building RAMLOW/STEIN was enlisted to renovate and expand to support Promega team members. Home to many departments, including Technical Services, Cell Manufacturing, Instrument Services and Engineering, and Corporate Archives, the team needed increased square footage for workspace and more efficient processes. The building is named after … Read more

Promega Kepler Center

The Kepler Center is Promega’s Global Distribution hub as well as home to Customer Service, Kit Packaging, and Wellness. The building is named after Johannes Kepler, a 17th-century mathematician, astronomer, and physicist who authored the Laws of Planetary Motion, describing the movement of the planets around the sun. As a processing center, the building is … Read more

Promega Kornberg Center

“Kornberg Center continues our momentum in serving advances in science. Our scientists have the critical tools right at their bench to give them more flexibility in their exploration. The building itself inspires creative thinking to help us imagine the unimagined. And the sustainable construction provides a place for future generations to continue our momentum of … Read more

SE Regional Headquarters – Wisconsin DNR

The scope of this project for the Department of Natural Resources Southeast Regional Headquarters (DNR SER HQ) involves the complete renovation of an existing 56,000 GSF two-story data storage building circa 1977 and the creation of a new 5,000 GSF boat storage building.  The design concept is to re-purpose the former data center as the … Read more

RAMLOW/STEIN Architecture + Interiors Office

After being our home for more than 20 years, it came time to practice what we preach and reinvigorate our space as a new environment from which to service our clients. As architectural practices have become more interdisciplinary over the years, our studio needed to be re-tooled for the next generation. Our work happens in … Read more

Bader Philanthropies Headquarters

Completed in 2018, this project included an addition and renovation to the historic 1927 Green Bay retail and theater building on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive. The main floor of the building was converted to a first floor conference center, including a main conference room for seating of up to 200 people auditorium-style or 150 … Read more

Promega Feynman Center

The Feynman Center (named after Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman), on Promega’s Fitchburg campus is unlike any other facility in the area. It is a building dedicated to serving scientists who manufacture human molecular diagnostic tests. These are used in clinical laboratories by health practitioners to help determine a patient’s state of health. The … Read more

One Alumni Place – University of Wisconsin-Madison

The new One Alumni Place better integrates itself with the adjacent Alumni Park and historic Memorial Union, and at the same time provides better visibility and access to the center for alumni. This 3,000-square-foot new addition to the existing building, along with a 7,000-square-foot renovation, transformed the once nondescript building and has now become a … Read more

Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, is a visionary public-private partnership housing twin interdisciplinary research institutes: the private Morgridge Institute for Research and the public Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. These twin institutes are dedicated to improving human health by accelerating scientific discovery through an interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists working … Read more

Wisconsin Foundation

To bring this organization into a 2lst century distributed work environment, Ramlow/Stein worked with the UW Foundation to evaluate their current physical space allocations. This process allowed us to uncover their optimal work styles and create opportunities to improve the workplace within their existing building. In an effort to holistically revitalize the physical environment, finishes … Read more