J. Leinenkugel’s Barrel Yard – American Family Field


Milwaukee Brewers


Milwaukee, Wisconsin


11,620 SF



The J. Leinenkugel Barrel Yard Restaurant is the newest addition to American Family Field, offering an unparalleled dining experience for baseball fans and food enthusiasts alike.

Named after one of the oldest and most reputable breweries in the United States, the restaurant boasts a new, on-premise, 3-barrel brewery system, two custom bars that extend over sixty feet, and forty-eight specialty taps. Additionally, there is a private dining area that includes a private patio overlooking the Brewers bullpen.

The restaurant’s interior design takes inspiration from the rustic charm of a brewery barrel yard, with warm wood accents and industrial lighting that creates a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere. The main dining area also features a unique custom hand-painted mural that adds to the ambiance. Guests have several seating options to choose from, including indoor booths, outdoor patio seating, and communal bar areas.

The menu features classic Wisconsin cuisine with a modern twist and a broad selection of craft beers, including many from the Leinenkugel family of brews.