Promega Feynman Center


Promega Corporation


Fitchburg, Wisconsin


260,000 SF



The Feynman Center (named after Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman), on Promega’s Fitchburg campus is unlike any other facility in the area. It is a building dedicated to serving scientists who manufacture human molecular diagnostic tests. These are used in clinical laboratories by health practitioners to help determine a patient’s state of health.

The Feynman Center is comprised of two primary areas: Crossroads, a 52,000-square-foot client and staff reception/education area and a 210,000 square-foot research, development and manufacturing facility. As with all science buildings, the integration of mechanical systems was challenging. Sixty-three geothermal wells heat and cool Crossroads, while a solar energy system supplements the domestic hot water demand. Great attention was paid to recharging the ground water. The ponds were designed to be unfriendly to geese flight patterns, consequently preventing geese problems on the campus. The building is programmed to allow for further evolution as the owner remains committed to keeping it ready for change and future expansion.

To a visitor, the two-story building may look more like a retreat center than a research/manufacturing structure. Crossroads is an education space for all employees and guests featuring design elements highlighting collaboration, nature, creativity, wellness, delight, and discovery. The product side focuses on manufacturing, quality testing with design for flexibility, scalability, growth, and high quality systems.

Designed in collaboration with Ewing Cole and Archemy Consulting.


  • ASID Wisconsin Design Excellence Award – Large Office/Corporate – Gold