Promega Kepler Center


Promega Corporation


Fitchburg, Wisconsin


321,807 SF



The Kepler Center is Promega’s Global Distribution hub as well as home to Customer Service, Kit Packaging, and Wellness. The building is named after Johannes Kepler, a 17th-century mathematician, astronomer, and physicist who authored the Laws of Planetary Motion, describing the movement of the planets around the sun. As a processing center, the building is symbolic of motion as it packages, moves, and distributes Promega products throughout the world in a flexible and efficient manner.

Originally designed in 2012 with expansion in mind, RAMLOW/STEIN brought the future to fruition by more than doubling the square footage and seamlessly transitioning form and function. The addition provides more storage racking, additional kitting, more loading dock and shipping/receiving space, workspaces, Cafes, training spaces, and Wellness Center. The Kepler Center also features the first and largest installation of a 20-degree vertical lift module in the United States.