Promega Turing Center


Promega Corporation


Fitchburg, Wisconsin


70,600 SF



The Alan Turing Center is an existing multi-tenant office building RAMLOW/STEIN was enlisted to renovate and expand to support Promega team members. Home to many departments, including Technical Services, Cell Manufacturing, Instrument Services and Engineering, and Corporate Archives, the team needed increased square footage for workspace and more efficient processes. The building is named after Alan Turing, a pioneering mathematician and computer scientist who played a vital role in cracking the German Enigma code, which laid the groundwork for modern computer science and artificial intelligence, vital components of the work conducted within the building today.

By reconfiguring the entire first floor, we transformed individual offices into a vibrant common area, open workspace and meeting rooms, manufacturing production laboratories, clean rooms, and expanded warehousing.  New interior finishes and MEP systems, as well as an improved exterior envelope, enhance the building’s aesthetic and performance. To ensure uninterrupted operations for Promega and other tenants, the RAMLOW/STEIN Team implemented carefully planned phases to minimize disruptions and remain functional.