Reiman Healing Chapel


Reiman Cancer Care Center


Franklin, Wisconsin


1,250 SF



The Reiman Chapel offers a place for prayerful contemplation for patients of the Reiman Cancer Care Center and their families. Set in a serene environment, the chapel is nestled into a dense old growth forest surrounding Koepmier Lake. Its design is influenced by Polish vernacular and follows the look of a traditional countryside Polish chapel, with wood details and craftsmanship derived from this rich cultural influence. Topped with a powerfully steep pitched roof, the proportions make a dramatic first impression upon arrival. Clad completely out of cedar, the building forms a natural connection with its surroundings. Exterior windows from the entrance side are minimal, so that until entering the chapel a visitor has no preview of what the interior offers. Once inside, the view opens up to the forest through 40 feet of glass filling the entire north gable. It is here one can come to have space for prayer and contemplation with a direct connection to nature. Simplistic detailing on the interior focuses the view back toward the outdoors, while large open trusses fill the large vertical volume above with custom chandeliers and cove lighting to give the space a soft glow.