Sellery Hall – University of Wisconsin-Madison


State of Wisconsin


Madison, Wisconsin


308,428 SF


Summer, 2023

Sellery Hall, an existing residence hall comprised of two high-rise towers on top of a connected full first floor and basement, will soon undergo a full renovation and addition to link both towers on all floors, and a new 11th resident floor similar to recently completed Witte Hall. The heating, air conditioning, ventilation system, plumbing system, electrical system, doors, windows, utilities, building security, emergency generators, and fire pumps will be replaced along with the fire sprinkler system. The project includes life safety, and ADA/access upgrades, including move-in and move-out planning. The renovated and expanded lower level will feature new student amenities spaces such as lounge, laundry, maker space. In addition to the new reception desk, the first floor will feature new classrooms, a black-box student performance space, an art gallery, new offices for residence life staff, and three apartments for on-site managers. The project consolidates and replaces its elevators, key mechanical equipment, and creates two-story resident life spaces in the new connecting tower. Like Witte, a new opening between the first floor and lower level will be created to promote social connectivity on the amenity floors. The project is scheduled to commence construction in August 2020 with an anticipated completion date of August 2023.