Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church


Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church


Milwaukee, Wisconsin




Anticipated Completion 2025

Built-in 1878, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is a remarkable example of Milwaukee’s German Lutheran Gothic Architecture. Trinity is embellished with the most outstanding ornamental brickwork of any church in the city. The building is constructed from Cream City brick and rests on a limestone foundation. The church is built in the traditional cross shape and includes a landmark bell tower housing three original bells with a combined weight of 5,263 lbs.

On May 15, 2018, a massive fire ravaged the building, causing significant damage to the structure, including the collapse of the entire roof and the southern steeple. RAMLOW/STEIN was hired with the dedicated goal of restoring the historic church back to its former glory. Careful preservation efforts have been and are being undertaken to save both exterior and interior iconic features, including the original pipe organ, the original hardwood floors, and the historic church envelope and supportive spaces for residents.